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This 4 foot leash has a removable Aluminum Assembly.  If you decide you would like a new leash at anytime simply REMOVE and REUSE the metal portion and apply it to your new fabric selection.  Fabric portions fitting this metal assembly can be bought separately from our Spare Parts section on this website.  ALL OF TUENNE’S LEASHES COME WITH LOCKING CARABINERS.  YOU MUST LOCK YOUR CARABINER TO ENSURE COMPLETE SAFETY!

    Tuenne's leashes are NEVER to be used with a tie-out setup. Please do not tie your dog to a stationary object. A dog running at full speed can injure itself when tied out. In addition, this amount of force can damage or break a leash.
  • Canvas
  • Anodized Aluminum
  • Grosgrain
  • 85mm Length Carabiner
  • Modular System

Storm R1 Leash
Item #003_004


size chart

Leash Sizing Chart

regular 4 feet N/A