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Dunkan & Odin

Name: Dunkan & Odin

Breed: Dingo-ish & Heinz 57

Age: 7 & 7 mo

Dunkan’s favorite pastime is swimming. (He actually likes it
better than chasing squirrels!) Because of that, I’m always buying new
collars; his get disgusting. I was thrilled to finally find a company who
manufactures waterproof collars. The Tuenne collars stand up to any
‘groad,’ dirt, mud etc that my dogs roll into and are easy to clean.

The little ‘hellion,’ Odin, on the other hand is not a swimmer but a
chewer. By the time he was 5 months old, he had chewed through three
leashes. Thanks to Teunne: no more new leashes! I can just buy parts and
change them out. Meanwhile, the ‘mammoth rope’ is practically chew proof.
Lil Odin still hasn’t managed to break through, but if he does, it’s nice
knowing I can just change out the rope rather than buy a new leash.

I’d also like to mention the design is awesome! It totally represents
adventure. I love my Tuenne products!

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